Our lunch menu

Our menu consists of mezedes: Greek dishes you order to share together.
With us, there is no set menu or specific courses. Order a nice drink and choose what you feel like eating at that moment.

ⓥ = vegetarisch 🅥 = vegan

Cold mezedes

Tzatziki ⓥ 5.9

with pita

Melitzanosalata ⓥ 6.9

auberginedip with pita

Pitachips with dips ⓥ 6.9

tzatziki, spicy feta mousse, fava

Dolmadakia ⓥ 6.9

vine leafs stuffed with risotto, egg-lemon sauce, dille yogurt and walnut

Bruschetta vegetarian ⓥ 7.9

with courgette, fava, caramelized onion and mint

Bruschetta fish 8.9

with mackrel, fava and caramelized onion

Bruschetta meat 8.9

with prosciutto, spicy feta and oregano

Greek salad ⓥ 8.9

feta cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, olives

Mixed plateau ⓥ 7.9 p.p.

cheese and charcuterie with crostini, grapes and chutney – per two person

Hot Mezedes


Pita feta ⓥ 4.9

and herbs

Courgette biscuits 🅥 6.9 

with mint, lemon and almond

Grilled vegetables ⓥ 8.9

courgette, bell pepper, mushrooms, carrot

Spanakopita ⓥ 9.9

filo dough with feta cheese, spinach and dill yogurt

Feta filo saganaki ⓥ 8.9

in filo pastry with olives, tomato, warm honey and mini pitas

Gigantes 🅥 7.9

white giant beans in tomato sauce with bruschetta

Potato casserole from Crete ⓥ 6.9

with feta, tomato and oregano

Fries ⓥ 4.9

with mayonnaise

Halloumi fries ⓥ 6.9

with pomegranate and spicy mayonnaise

Hot Mezedes


Pita gyros 8.9

with tzatziki (and feta +2.9)

Moussaka 9.9

minced meat, tomato, potato, aubergine and cheese

Keftedes 8.9

meatballs with tomato sauce, feta cheese and dill-yogurt

Souvlaki 11.9

marinated chicken mince skewers with Greek yogurt, tomato and red onion

Hot Mezedes


Calamari 8.9

with garlic mayonnaise

Octopus 9.9

with fava and caramalized onion

Gamba croquettes 7.9

with spicy mayonnaise

Sweet mezedes

Revani ⓥ 8.9

soft cake soaked in orange syrup

Baklava ⓥ 8.9

with pistachio and vanilla ice cream

Bougatsa ⓥ 7.9

filo pastry with custard and cinnamon

Panna cotta with figs ⓥ 7.9

of Greek yogurt, with walnut and honey

Kataifi ⓥ 7.9

with pistachio and vanilla ice cream